Intelligent Routing Systems

PathFinder is Piccard's AI routing and deployment system that understands rules and objectives and takes actions that enable systems to operate in the most efficient way possible.


PathFinder has been developed for organisations that require complex routing and deployment planning, including:

  • Parking Enforcement Routing

  • Garbage Collection Routing

  • Emergency Services Deployment

Pathfinder technology

PathFinder is based on the same groundbreaking technology that enables AIs to strategise and beat world champions at complex games like chess, GO and DoTA.

By learning from simulations, the AI behind PathFinder is able to learn optimal routes and advanced deployment strategies for complex environments. Where traditional routing is planned ahead of time based on simple principles like "shortest path", PathFinder dynamically responds to changing environmental conditions to give up-to-the-minute routes according to predefined rules and objectives.



To learn more about how PathFinder uses game-playing AI technology to solve real-world problems, check out this blog post.