Intelligent Applications

We build fit for purpose machine learning applications that empower your people to make full use of your organisation's data. These applications generally fall into three categories...



Intelligent applications can find trends in historic data that make it possible to predict the future with greater accuracy. We don't make crystal balls, but machine learning can assess all the available data and present the most likely outcome(s).


  • Predicting patient numbers in a hospital for rostering nurses
  • Predicting restaurant patronage for food ordering
  • Predicting which assets are likely to fail and should receive preventative maintenance


Automation tools help your workforce be more productive by taking care of repetitive tasks and letting your people focus on the activities only humans can do. They can also monitor photo/video/audio streams and identify items of interest.


  • Chat bots that automatically respond to customer queries
  • Traffic controllers that monitor live data and change signals accordingly
  • Theft detection apps that monitor video feeds and flag suspicious behaviour
  • Intelligent recommenders that give your customers personalised recommendations for your products and services


Intelligent applications can process vast amounts of data to uncover trends and complex links that offer valuable, actionable insights.


  • HR applications that can identify ideal candidates for a position
  • CRM plugins that can identify which customers to target with specific marketing at any given time
  • Advanced KPI analysis tools that monitor employee performance in greater detail